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Ambrosia Rosedale Capital Limited (Capitale Ambroisie Rosedale Limitée)

Corporation Number:903590-7
Business Number:831093182RC0001
Corporate Name:Ambrosia Rosedale Capital Limited (Capitale Ambroisie Rosedale Limitée)
Governing Legislation:Canada Business Corporations Act - 2014-09-30
Office Address:850 10th avenue Richmond QC J0B 2H0 Canada
Full name: Jean marie rancour
Address: 850 10th avenue richmond QC J0B 2H0 Canada
Annual Filings
Anniversary Date (MM-DD)
Date of Last Annual Meeting
Annual Filing Period (MM-DD)
09-30 to 11-29
Type of Corporation
Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders
Status of Annual Filings
2022 - Not due 2021 - Overdue 2020 - Overdue
Corporate History

2014-09-30 to Present

Ambrosia Rosedale Capital Limited

2014-09-30 to Present

Capitale Ambroisie Rosedale Limitée

Certificates and Filings
Certificate of Incorporation
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